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Bethlehem Danceletter (May 2019)

Dear Dance Family, Thank you all for partnering in the great commission. I love how God brought about Warship. God used each one of you to further His good news. The sounds that went out for His kingdom we won’t fully understand til Glory! Please send me any thoughts as I look them over and ask God what about next year. You are my team that helps guide and guard the ministry that God has given me. I am always amazed at how God blesses you with additional wisdom. I am enjoying the week off. Next week I will begin summer classes.

Praise God for:

  • His truth in WarShip
  • Our dancers giving it up for Jesus
  • The finished work of Christ on the Cross
  • Sami doing the part of Jesus
  • Volunteers who showed up at the last minute

Pray for:

  • Possible viewing of WarShip on TV 39
  • Summer registration
  • Which venues to dance for
  • Mission to Kenya
  • Holy Spirit power and protection over our dancers’ summer


  • Bring worship outfits that need mending
  • Please call with any questions
  • New! Worship Workout. Ballroom beginning class
  • Please check out our FB and website and share with all your friends!
  •…our website

Summer classes

  • Tuesday 5:00pm Ballet 11, 6:30 Senior Ballet Team, 8:30 Worship Workout
  • Thursday 5:00pm Pre dance and Ballet 1, 6:00 BDE all team, 7 Tumbling, 8:00 Dance Therapy
  • Friday 10 am Adult Dance, 11:30 TBA
  • Saturday 10 am Adult, 11:30 TBA
  • Summer class tuition may be charged per individual class due to events.
  • Mon through Saturday Private Coaching-please call for availability


  • June 4: Summer classes! Ballet Modern Tumbling Adult Tap, Scottish, Worship, Stretching, Dance Therapy
  • June 7 11:30 Jr/Sr Dancescape-We create dances in landscape context.
  • June 15 11:30 Dancescape
  • June 22: Ohio Scottish Games
  • July 5 & 27 Dancescape, & August 19 Dancescape
  • July: Ministry TBA
  • August 20 Fall Registration
  • August 27 Fall classes begin

In Jesus, Victoria