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September 2015

Dear Dance Family, We are having a great start to the year. Events are always asking us to dance for them. We are in the midst of choosing! I am anticipating God’s favor over our students and families for 2015-16. We are joyfully looking to present The Tabernacle in 2016. This story of the housing of God’s presence will take us from the splendor of the Old Testament building to the New Testament revealing of Christ in our very own lives. Yes the smallest to the mature dancer will be challenged to receive and give this awesome story to our community!

Praise God for:

  • Saturday in the Park
  • Fifth Saturday –Paradigm Shift
  • Work finsished on the front door
  • Adam Crabtree’s great help
  • Youth 412 asking us to partner with them

Pray for:

  • Churches and groups to invite us to share our ministry!
  • Each class
  • God to send students into our fall program
  • My work at MCC family event
  • Our new Dancescape program
  • Volunteers for Studio One renovation


  • Sr Trip TBA-get me your dates!
  • Fall class offering: Ballet Scottish Hip Hop Tap
  •  Ballroom Jazz Worship Lyrical Pointe Tumbling


  • September 12 Hometown Talent Stage
  • September 18, 19 Dream Workshop
  • September—Galion program
  • October 25 –Kirking of the Tartan
  • November 13 DeWolfe House –dance 5:30
  • February –Nursing Home
  • April 2016 International Festival at OSUM
  • May 2016 “The Tabernacle”

In Jesus, Victoria