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    Bethlehem Dance Education & Ministry Arts

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  • Bethlehem Dance Education & Ministry Arts

    "Using education, movement and music in the development of the body and spirit to the glory of God while encouraging excellence and discipline."


    Glorifying God & Sharing the Gospel!

    We purpose to use stories and movement to teach truths about who God is and what He desires from us. Our goal is to lift up Jesus Christ so that people will be drawn to Him. Bethlehem dancers have performed for schools, festivals, churches, community, Christians in Theatre Arts, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Campus Crusade events throughout Ohio. We seek your prayers as God continues to move us into different areas of ministry.

    Our Program

    Teaching Dance, Movement & Music!

    Annually, we have a year end program, focusing on biblical themes. During the year, we learn about characters, music, French language, choreography, mime, theory and notation in order to throughly equip students for participation in the final production. Additional studies, such as Scottish, Modern and Lyrical, are woven into the end of year program. Throughout the year, we offer the enrichments of attending ballet, ethnic dance, workshops, Scottish Games, Interlochen Arts (for seniors) and opportunities to minister within the community.

    Mission Trips

    Making Disciples of All Nations!

    Our seniors have taken the Gospel in dance outreach to Scotland, South Dakota, Tennessee, New York City and Michigan.

    Victoria Bell

    Our Director

    Bethlehem Dance Director: Victoria Bell

    Victoria Bell is the director of Bethlehem Dance Education & Ministry Arts. She also teaches Ballet and Scottish Highland. Victoria studies under Nena Swanson of "The Dance Centre" and later assumed the role of Director. She has taught dance for the Marion Recreation Department, Mid Ohio Gymnastics, YMCA, Swanson Academy before founding Bethlehem Dance in 1991. Victoria's students have ministered for schools, churches and the community. She has directed and choreographed the classical ballets and the Bible stories: Exodus, Dream Maker, Only Begotten Son, Still Small Voice, Cleansing the Temple, Creation, Living Water and Noah's Ark. She has also taken senior students to enrichment programs, including Ballet et Columbus, Exclaim Dance Company and dance intensives with Ballet Magnificat in Jackson, Mississippi. She resides in Prospect and desires to honor God by equipping His people to minister with their gifts.

  • Class Descriptions

    Bethlehem Dance offers lessons in over a dozen styles of dance.


    Cherubs' is designed to begin the three or four year old in basic motor skills and listening abilities. We use movement, simple rhymes and props with music to make learning fun.


    Pre-Dance takes five and six year olds through "musical commands" to instill a sense of balance, rhythm and coordination. Mime, notation and instruments round our the enjoyment.


    Ballet is the for all culturally evolved dance and the gateway to success in many activities. We work with classical music on barre, centre and enchainment's to develop the students' poise, balance , coordination, posture, confidence, flexibility, endurance, self-control and spatial awareness. The interweaving of French, notation and mime enhances their dance education. This learning culminates in performance, the student having developed the ability to appear and function in costume before an audience.

    Sr. Ballet

    Sr. Ballet is for those with age and ability to study technique and theory and is a pre-requisite to pointe work.


    Pointe prepares the student for advanced performance work. This class requires a minimum of two years ballet, ten years of age, adequate and proper bone development and must take a minimum of two hours of dance per week.


    Scottish brings the Traditional Scottish Highland dance to the classroom. This ethnic form adapts well to any age or gender. A prior year of ballet enhances technique but is not pre-requisite. Our "Ohio Scottish Dances" have evolved from this class and always have opportunities to minister.


    Ballroom includes mambo, cha cha, salsa, waltz and partnering.


    Modern is a vastly evolved dance form. This class focuses on Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, release technique and partnering. These styles help improve posture, strength and flexibility in all parts of the body. Participants in this class learn how to maximize their movement, challenging them to work hard and to realize their full potential.


    Jazz has various styles. Participants will learn how to isolate each part of their body, maximizing control and generating movement at high speed. The styles of movement range from Broadway to modern funky movement.


    Lyrical dance is a modern dance form which fuses modern dance, jazz and ballet. Lyrical dance is often referred to as contemporary dance. The dancer learns how to use his or her face and body to portray a story, which evolves with the accompanying song.

    Worship Dance

    Worship Dance teaches how to worship God with our bodies, focusing our attention on Him and giving Him our all.

    Hip Hop

    Hip Hop is a fun loving style of urban movement, focusing on funky routines while developing a sense of coordination and rhythm.


    Tumbling consists of beginning exercises, routines and stunts using the floor, mat and beam.

    Other Classes

    Other classes we have offered include: piano, guitar, billows/flags, sign language and acting.

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